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RE: origin of bats

Mike Keesey wrote:

> I think he meant to put a comma between "civets" and the rest, since
> *none* of those genera are viverrid. _Protictis_ is a stem-carnivoran

Yep, _Protictis_ is a viverravid, so I guess it's close to viverrids in one 
respect (the name).  :-)  A nice reference on the subject of basal 
carnivorosauromorphs is:

Flynn, J.J. and Wesley-Hunt, G.D. (2005).  Phylogeny of the Carnivora: Basal 
relationships among the carnivoramorphans, and assessment of the position of 
'Miacoidea' relative to Carnivora."  J. Syst. Palaeontol. 3: 1-28. 

> If you include only those taxa and bats, the topology should be:
> (_Ptilocercus_, (_Chiroptera_, (_Protictis_, (_Nandinia_,
> _Viverridae_)))). Odd choice of taxa....

Indeed.  Viverravidae was recovered by Flynn and Wesley-Hunt as the most basal 
carnivoromorph clade, one node up from Creodonta (sister taxon of 
Carnivoromorpha within Ferae).  Hard to see how bats (Chiroptera) could be 
nested inside this bunch.


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