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re: origin of bats

Thom H. wrote:

The outgroup taxa used were Tupaia (tree shrew), Erinaceus (hedgehog), Sus
(pig), Felis (cat), Cynocephalus (dermopteran), run either as unconstrained
outgroups or constrained to a molecularly-based topology.

The problem here is twofold:

1. The outgroups are really way out. Closer outgroups have not been DNA tested.

2. The authors state: "Because morphology based phylogenies of extant bats 
conflict with those based on gene
sequences..." So...until DNA tests support morphology and vice versa (we can 
see the same problems within the Reptilia where even DNA testing does not agree 
with other DNA testing), DNA tests among varying genera will always be suspect. 
Within genera, the evidence is stronger as any CSI TV show will testify. And 
occasionally DNA gets lucky.

Haven't read the other posts yet.

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