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RE: origin of bats/suspect trees?

>>   While David is correct in averring that manatees has rounded, oblate ribs, 
>> my 
>> argument arose through comparative suites of features. There were comments 
>> which 
>> were brought up about correlative features, such as elongated 
>> forelimbs/elongated hindlimbs, elongated metatarsals and an elongated 
>> calcaneal 
>> heel. Lower down I mention teeth, and this is even more securely true, and I 
>> even mentioned sloths as an example of this, despite their differences.
> Jaime, you can name teeth. Dorsal fins. Unguals. All good and worthy, but you 
> must put them all together and test them as a whole. When you do, you'll see. 
> And I know I'm preaching to the choir.
 I think you mean "and then I'll be preaching to the choir."  future tense is 
tricky, I know....but until you publish, its the only one available.
> But do bats have the pedal proportions equivalent to the manual proportions 
> of brachiators such as gibbons? I can't recall at present. But then bats are 
> passive inverts. Like sloths they let their claws do the work. 
 no, bats let their foot muscles and toe muscles do the work.
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