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Little update on seymouriamorph scales and skin-breathing

V. V. Bulanov (2003): Evolution and systematics of seymouriamorph parareptiles, Paleontological Journal 37, supplement 1, S1 -- S105

Reports scales in *Discosauriscus* (both species), juvenile *Ariekanerpeton* and larval *Microphon*, as well as possibly *Karpinskiosaurus ultimus*. Claims that scales make skin-breathing more or less impossible. It does not seem to be clear if the scales of *Discosauriscus* in particular were only present on the ventral side. Loss of scales in *Ariekanerpeton* around metamorphosis had been reported earlier, but is not clear.

And yes, the title does call the seymouriamorphs "parareptiles". Olson's 1947 paper, which argued for amniote diphyly and erected Parareptilia (diadectomorphs, turtles, apparently seymouriamorphs, and I forgot what else) and Eureptilia (diapsids and most of the rest), is cited, but Olson's 1965 paper, which scrapped this classification without replacement, is not, and there is not even the slightest attempt at phylogenetics as a science.