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RE: The Fossils of China

>>     But perhaps the most egregious is that it erects several nomina
>nuda --
>>taxon names, and pictures, but no proper text, and thus no specimen
>>etymologies, etc.  Interestingly, with the exception of two turtles
>>(_Manchurochelys peipiaoensis_ and _Cryptodira liaoxiensis_ -- yes,
>the name
>>has all KINDS of problems...see below), all these taxa are
>>including birds.  I mention them here for those keeping lists of
>>things, and put some awareness out there in case the names and taxa
>crop up
>>somewhere else in the future.  They are:
>>_Sinornithosaurus zhaoi_ (sp. nov.)
>>_Luckyraptor eastensis_ (it doesn't say anything about gen. or sp.
>nov., but
>>I ain't heard of it anywhere else and assume it's new here!)
>>_Jinzhouornis delicates_ (sp. nov.)
>>_Smallornis liaoningica_ (sp. nov.) (it is also a gen. nov. as far
>as I

Are you able to get someone who can read Chinese to look at the text?
The ICZN doesn't mandate which language names are published in, so if
the Chinese text is more extensive than the English, there's a small
outside chance these may be validly published. Most likely they are
_nomina nuda_, but it's worth making sure.


        Christopher Taylor

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