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Re: Albertosaurine Survival and the End of the Cretaceous

On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 10:10 PM, Nick Gardner <nick.gardner@gmail.com> wrote:

"Charonosaurus is from the Turonian according to Horner et al. 2004."

Wow, that really pushes back the known record of derived
lambeosaurines, AFAIK . . .

But Google Scholar searches for "Charonosaurus Horner" and
"Charonosaurus Turonian" yields no such paper. What's the full

"Amurosaurus and Olorotitan are both supposed to be from the
Maastrichtian Tsagaan Svita. I'm not heavily into strat, but I'm sure
someone else could provide a citation for the dating of the Tsagaan
Svita. :-p"

That would be handy. Any refs for the date of the (supposed?)
albertosaurine material from Alaska would also be good, if anyone
would be willing to provide 'em.