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Re: early tetrapod

what of the comment "I imagine this is an animal that could haul itself over sand banks without any difficulty. Maybe it's poking around in semi-tidal creeks picking up fish that got stranded."

implying terrestrial motion? is it just sensationalism, or supported by the fossil?

It's not supported, and not proposed in the paper. Although it does differ from those of *Panderichthys* and *Tiktaalik*, the shoulder girdle looks like that of *Acanthostega*.

The skull and the lower jaw are now almost completely known, and so is the shoulder girdle. An ilium has also been found (the bone previously considered an ilium is a cleithrum -- a part of the shoulder girdle...). An isolated fin ray may also belong; it suggests a very tall tail fin as recently recognized in *Acanthostega*. Looks like *Ventastega* was about as terrestrial as a catfish.

There is still no limb/fin material.