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Re: Bihariosaurus citation

Hi Nick,

Here's what I have; however, I lack the paper so am unable to confirm that it's 

Marinescu, F. 1989. Lentila de bauxita 204 de la Brusturi-Cornet (Jud. Bihor), 
zacamint fosilifer cu dinozauri [Bauxite lens 204 from Brusturi-Cornet (Bihor 
Co.), fossil excavation with dinosaurs]. Ocrotirea Naturii si a Mediului 
Inconjurator 33(2):125-133.

(Needless to say, I'm hoping I can one day add this one to my reference 


Rob Taylor
The Theropod Archives

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From: Nick Gardner <nick.gardner@gmail.com>
> Does anyone know the complete citation for the description of
> Bihariosaurus bauxiticus?
> At best I only know the author and publication year: Marinescu, 1989
> Thanks
> Nick Gardner