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Re: Bihariosaurus citation

Apologies to all if I again repeat a post. (I'm tacking my name onto the ever-growing list of frustrated Comcast users. Second time in recent memory I've sent something to the DML, watched it travel to my sent items folder, and then gotten nothing back to confirm it reached anyone.) Anyway, a response to Nick Gardner's citation request, in case the first attempt didn't go through:

Hi Nick,

Here's what I have; however, I lack the paper so am unable to confirm that it's

Marinescu, F. 1989. Lentila de bauxita 204 de la Brusturi-Cornet (Jud. Bihor),
zacamint fosilifer cu dinozauri [Bauxite lens 204 from Brusturi-Cornet (Bihor
Co.), fossil excavation with dinosaurs]. Ocrotirea Naturii si a Mediului
Inconjurator 33(2):125-133.

(Needless to say, I'm hoping I can one day add this one to my reference


Rob Taylor
The Theropod Archives

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Subject: Bihariosaurus citation

Does anyone know the complete citation for the description of
Bihariosaurus bauxiticus?

At best I only know the author and publication year: Marinescu, 1989


Nick Gardner