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Re: Shaking up the bird family tree

No, I'm afraid the "flighted from flightless" line is in the original
paper. Sigh.


        Christopher Taylor


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>Subject: Re: Shaking up the bird family tree
>Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 17:05:40 -0500
>>"And that flighted tinamous evolved from flightless ostriches, says
>>ornithologist Shannon J. Hackett of Chicago's Field Museum of
>>History, one of the lead authors, "can change the way people look at
>>the evolution of flight.""
>>Kind of like how flying bats evolved from flightless bears, right?
>>Right? Doesn't that just make so much sense?!
>>I really hope I'm the one misinterpreting something here, because
>>is just sad otherwise.
>>Maybe we should focus on trying to "change the way people write
>>science articles for laypeople" first.
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>>>  I saw this and thought it might be of interest:
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