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RE: origin of bats/reply 2 to TMK

David Marjanovic wrote:

>> While the presence of what appear to be wings does not prove they were 
>> used for flight, it is the best explanation.
> Well... Velociraptor had wings, too, yet it clearly didn't fly. We don't 
> know how broad these wings were, but doesn't the presence of quill knobs 
> suggest reasonably strong forces on the wings, which in turn suggests fairly 
> long wing feathers

I'm not so sure.   The presence of quill knobs in _Velociraptor_ suggests that 
there were forces exerted on the forelimbs that acted to pull the remiges out 
of the ulna, and the quill knobs are there to prevent this from happening by 
reinforcing the connection between the feather shafts and the bone.  These 
forces might be aerodynamic (as in modern flying birds).  But for 
_Velociraptor_, a stronger attachment of the feathers to the ulna may be 
associated with predation - specifically, engaging the forelimbs in capturing 
and subduing large prey.

As to why _Velociraptor_ had forelimb feathers in the first place.... Who knows?



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