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Aetogate update

For those of you who've not been following the NMMNHS aetosaur ethics
controversy closely, I'd like to remind you that we're tracking every
relevant article that appears in print media or on blogs at:

Recent additions include an Albuquerque Journal editorial demanding a
truly objective inquiry (as opposed to the DCA inquiry whose report we
currently await), a more recent Albuquerque Journal article on the
NMMNHS's denial of specimen access to outside researchers, and a
letter to the Journal editor in support of Lucas.  (We're being
careful to document what's written in support of Lucas and friends, as
well as the other side.)

There are also some new comments on the "what professional
palaeontologists are saying" page, including emails from former SVP
president Bob Carroll and NMMNHS volume 27 editor Jerry Harris:
We remain keen to know established professionals' opinions on all
this, both pro and con.

The bare facts of the cases remain in the two capsule summaries:
and in the timeline:
and in the history of DCA inquiries into the complaints:

As always, we invite readers to check out the facts and make up their
own minds.

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