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Re: Aetogate: Lucas pronounced innocent

I am very happy for Spencer Lucas and team.

Why do you act as if this had been a reasonable investigation? Why do you act as if Silberling hadn't pronounced Lucas innocent three days before the "investigation" even started? Why do you act as if an objective investigation should be expected from Silberling or Anderson, personal friends of Lucas, in the first place? Why do you act as if the "investigation" hadn't happened behind closed doors and under exclusion of any of the alleged victims?

Silberling and Anderson have, of course, every right to tell the public that they think Lucas is innocent. But they should _obviously_ have recused themselves from this joke of an investigation. If Lucas and colleagues are innocent, this "investigation" is doing them _a monumental disservice_ by implying they have something to hide. If they have nothing to hide, a pretend investigation that looks like a cover-up does them unjust harm!

We'll have to wait for the SVP's investigation.

If anyone wants to forward this to the vrtpaleo list, feel free to do so.