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Re: PaleoArt

Hi Tiffany, Thanks very much for your inquiry. At this
time there isn't any Paleoart Society in the formal
sense, just a group of professional paloartists who,
like myself, are trying to better our working
conditions (i.e., more and better paying art
commissions, increased academic and professional
recognition of our work as a fine art form) by
directing academic and public attention to our art.
One of our goals is to have a major showing of our
collective work at a large regional nature museum,
which would possibly in the future becoming a
traveling exhibit. Are you a paleoartist yourself, or
are you interested in a general sense? I'll be happy
to tell you more if you're interested, and if you'd
like please visit my website at
www.hallettpaleoart.com to learn more about one
artists' work in this area. There are several
professional artists on the DML who would also be
happy to give you their individual take on paleoart
and its relationship to paleontology. Thanks for your
interest! --Mark Hallett
--- Tiffany Miller <MissRaptor@deadraccoon.com> wrote:

> Hi, Mark. I was told to contact you about joining a 
> new PaleoArt Society.
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