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Re: Rearranging the branches of the Tree of Life...

Take a "frond". No reproductive organs. That means
that either they reproduced by asexually (fairly
unlikely by that date) or that somatic cells produced
or turned into generative cells.

Well, first of all, only body outlines are preserved, right?

And who says they were animals? Perhaps they were unicellular like foraminifera... Xenophyophora is what Seilacher compares to the vendobionts.

So it is very possible that the germline cells in many
Ediacaran taxa were located right in the outer layer
or not far from that and physically unprotected, fair
game for any virus or cytoparasitic/endosymbiotic

OK. But you know that vertebrates share certain genes with bacteria but not with other animals, right?

Which are, simply put, that the molecular trees up to
and including the basic divergence of metazoans were
more like those in bacteria than those of metazoans.

Then why is there so much consensus on eukaryote phylogeny? The only big point of contention is the placement of the root, isn't it?