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Re: 10KBC and other science-be-danged movies

I wish someone would do a well-made film version of Bjorn Kurten's "Dance of the Tiger"
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My friends told me it was painful to sit thru.
Reminds me of "Quest for Fire," with Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal and what looked like an Austrolopithecine running around not only in the same movie time-frame, but the same geographic
locale !
Also a "love story."

"Quest for Fire" has plenty of anachronisms, but it had a very authentic "feel" and you could tell the filmmakers had done a decent amount of research. It remains the best "caveman" movie to date (not that there's much competition).

Trivia: the _Homo sapiens_ are speaking an Inuit language throughout
the movie. The director later found out that the people who had
provided the voices had gone out of their way to use as many vulgar
expressions as possible. (To be fair, some pretty vulgar things happen
in the film.)

Further trivia: Anthony Burgess (author of "A Clockwork Orange")
devised the Neanderthals' language, based on a simplified form of
proto-Indo-European (which is a totally inappropriate basis, but it's
not like there are any appropriate bases, anyway).
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