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Re: 10KBC and other science-be-danged movies

> "Quest for Fire" has plenty of anachronisms, but it
> had a very
> authentic "feel" and you could tell the filmmakers
> had done a decent
> amount of research. It remains the best "caveman"
> movie to date (not
> that there's much competition).

Plus, it had to follow the wacky science of a 1911
caveman novel (the original was written during the era
that gave us the Piltdown hockey stick). Whereas
Emmerich chose to shackle himself to a moutain of
ignorance, to be ripped apart by the hands of Late
Pliocene phorusrhacids and slashed by the lower
incisors of gopher-cats (why not add mylagaulid horns
while one is at it? It would have LOOKED KEWL), on his
own free will.

10KBC is one of those movies too painful to pirate.
Eventually it's gonna get spoofed in Family Guy, and
that is sufficient for this listmember (who after
seeing the trailer was only able to say
"eeeeeeeeehhhhhh.........................." with a 
face like this -> O_o )


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