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Re: 10KBC and other science-be-danged movies

--- evelyn sobielski <koreke77@yahoo.de> schrieb:

> > "Quest for Fire" has plenty of anachronisms, but
> it
> > had a very
> > authentic "feel" and you could tell the filmmakers
> > had done a decent
> > amount of research. It remains the best "caveman"
> > movie to date (not
> > that there's much competition).

I just checked out the Wikipedia article (I only knew
the book, not the movie) and have to note:
* The flick is about 25 years old
* It seems that the "australopithecines" were actually
intended to be _Homo heidelbergensis_

Considering this, its flaws seem generally due to the
progress of science in the last quarter-century rather
than due to the filmmakers taking artistic license.
And it adds another one to my must-watch list. Getting
the DVD would seem to be worthwhile, as Annaud has a
bit to comment on what he would change in the light of
current science.


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