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Re: QfF

Quest for Fire is one of my favourite movies! It is the perfect "Joseph Campbell Quest" movie. ANY MOVIE that tells a story in mime and images rather than dialogue wins for me. The Bear is another Annaud movie that I love. It think there were only 172 words spoken by the humans.
Both movies raise many "did they/could they do that?" questions every time I watch them. They alway peak my interest in the real subjects and then I start reading factual information.
By the way, Ron Pearlman is one of the most underrated physical actors in cinema. Watch Quest For Fire and Name of The Rose for proof!

Anachronisms in film will always happen. Even the most die hard scientifically or historically oriented filmmakers will gladly give in if breaking the facts helps the story. When it looks like they didn't even care about it in the first place (as in Emmerich's case) the movie rarely has a life span past opening weekend and is forgotten. I've said it before and I'll say it again...any movie that gets even the slightest bit of history or science correct is an absolute miracle. These are often the first casualties of film-making and I've come to an uneasy peace with this fact. Will a perfectly accurate prehistoric themed movie ever be made? Probably not.

..my god..what have I become...

David Krentz

On Mar 9, 2008, at 3:37 PM, Dann Pigdon wrote:

"T. Michael Keesey" wrote:
I will say I enjoy QfF in a take-it-with-500kg-of-salt sorta way.

It's silly, but convincingly played, and there are parts, at least, that are fairly accurate. The first time you see Ron Perlman you really do feel like he's some animal, not exactly human.

I tend to feel that way no matter what movie he's in. :p

What was the movie about the Australopethicus that got high eating halucinagenic
berries and started laughing at his own farts? I can't remember the title, but
that scene certainly sticks in the mind.


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