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10,000 BC

I can (somewhat) shamefully admit that I had a small involvement in the
10,000 BC(E) film; my team spent a day (and some subsequent correspondence)
in the Motion Picture Company studios in London explaining elephant
locomotion and anatomy to some animators, and critiquing some early renders
of the mammoths. We shared some of our 3D motion capture data for elephant
gaits; not sure how much it was used in the end. They knew
elephants/mammoths don't gallop, it was a directorial decision;
entertainment after all. Hopefully they at least got the squishy feet right.

We got to see some of the terror bird and other footage/concept art. The
mental image of what the movie might be like was great... but after hearing
reviews (8% tomato-meter, eek!), I didn't bother trying to get a free
preview/premiere ticket or rush to see it. The fantasy of what could have
been a cool film is good enough for now. I'm sure I'll see it sooner or
later though, as I'm happy to put the science aside and at least enjoy some
decent CGI.