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Fwd: [HIST-NAT-HIST] Posting Request

This request for suggestions for finding an institution for a
collection of Walter Granger materials has already been sent to the
Vert-Paleo list...

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From: Vin Morgan <granger.nh.ultranet@rcn.com>
Date: Mar 10, 2008 8:15 AM
Subject: [HIST-NAT-HIST] Posting Request
To: HIST-NAT-HIST@jiscmail.ac.uk

Vin Morgan

I own a significant collection of expedition and family papers,
photographs and memorabilia left by paleontologist Walter Granger, a
Vermonter and my great uncle. As I work along on a third monograph, a
book on Granger and the famed Central Asiatic Expeditions from 1921 to
1930, I am also concluding that this collection needs to be
institutionalized. Therefore, I am trying to decide where and how to
place it, my research and my library. I have posted an Open Letter
regarding this quest and am wondering if you might post this link to
it on HIST-NAT-HIST --


Vin Morgan
Managing Director, The Granger Papers Project


Michael D. Barton
     Bozeman, MT