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Shameless selfpromotion - Mikko's Phylogeny Archive has moved


My little webproject, "Mikko's Phylogeny Archive" has moved to Univ.
helsinki webserver under URL http://www.helsinki.fi/~mhaaramo.

I recommend that everybody who uses my service checkout their links, since
the new server is unix-based (Finnish Museum OF NH was windows-based).

Also if you hit with a broken link or "access dinied" please inform me, the
new server makes a recognizes between capitals and non-capitals, for example
the link "http://www.helsinki.fi/~Mhaaramo"; woundn't work... :(


--Mikko Haaramo

P.S. Sorry for cross posting, everybody.


Mikko K. Haaramo

IT Manager
IT Department: Kumpula Servicecentre
[Department of Geology]
P.O.Box 64 (Gustaf Hällströminkatu 2)
FIN-00014  University of Helsinki

eMail: mikko.haaramo(at)helsinki.fi
tel: +358-9-19150821