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Re: New Papers in Manhattan

LOL! Yet another case where people have simply believed something for
generations without ever testing it! :-D I wonder how many more such assumptions there are out there. <<

Actually, it's worse; the data (or at least a preliminary version) HAS been out there, e.g.

Weaver, J. C. 1983. The Improbable Endotherm: The Energetics of the Sauropod Dinosaur Brachiosaurus,
Paleobiology, Vol. 9, No. 2, pp. 173-182.

While its primary hypothesis is flawed due to inferred feeding rates which assume extensive oral processing, the paper has bomb calorimeter data that shows much of what the new paper says (if not in as much detail). So really it's an assumption that was tested but people have been assuming the wrong answer all these years anyways...

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