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Oldest _T. rex_?

Berry, K. 2008. Evidence for a Tyrannosaurus rex from southeastern Colorado.
New Mexico Geology 30(1):12-13.

ABSTRACT: Dinosaur tooth and bone fragments were recovered from private
property at an undisclosed locality in southeastern Colorado. The site is in
an unnamed, transitional member of the uppermost Pierre Shale and is likely
within the Baculites eliasi ammonite zone (N. Larson, pers. comm. 2007),
making the site early Maastrichtian. This is the first record of dinosaur
fossils from these strata.

This journal has now started making PDFs of their back issues available free
(http://geoinfo.nmt.edu/publications/periodicals/nmg/back-issues.html), but
this one isn't up yet...

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