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RE: Willie Wonka and the New Papers

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

> This is fine, but the authors also note a character of Megalosaurus which is 
> only found in
> some spinosauroids- paradental groove open only anteriorly. This is shared 
> with
> Dubreuillosaurus and "Walkersaurus", but not with Magnosaurus or Torvosaurus 
> among
> spinosauroids.

"Walkersaurus" might best be left as _Megalosaurus hesperis_, then.  The name 
"Walkersaurus" is invalid anyway (nomen nudum).

It'd be nice to see where other 'megalosaurs' end up in the theropod tree - 
like _Marshosaurus_ or _Gasosaurus_ or _Monolophosaurus_.

(Good to have you back, Mickey.)



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