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RE: juvenile bird fossil ref?

--- David Peters <davidpeters@att.net> schrieb:

> Are juvenile Mesozoic birds often or rarely found as
> fossils?

They are not really common. Ontogeny of non-Neornithes
is debated however, and it may be for example that the
_Archaeopteryx_ specimen called _Jurapteryx_ is
actually a juvie of Archie (or _Wellnhoferia_ if that
is distinct).

> If any are known, can someone provide a single
> recent reference? Earlier works, I'm sure, will be
> cited therein.

No such luck (I think).

In any case, there is the well-known Spanish nestling:
Sanz, J.L., Chiappe, L.M., Pérez-Moreno, B.P.,
Moratalla, J., Hernández-Carrasquilla, F., Buscalioni,
A.D. 1997. A nestling bird from the Early Cretaceous
of Spain: implications for avian skull and neck
evolution. Science, 276: 1543&#8211;1546.

and the _Liaoxiornis_ holotype is juvenile:
Hou, L.-H., and Chen, P.-J. 1999. Liaoxiornis
delicatus gen. et sp. nov., the smallest Mesozoic
bird. Chinese Science Bulletin, 44(9): 834&#8211;838.

Chiappe, L.M., and Walker, C. 2002. Skeletal
morphology and systematic of the Cretaceous
Enantiornithes. In Mesozoic birds: above the heads of
dinosaurs. Edited by L.M. Chiappe and L. Witmer.
University of California Press, Berkeley, Calif., pp.

and there are embryos of _Gobipteryx_ or something
similar in laevisoolithid eggs, as well as a juvenile
hesperornithiform. But I do not have refs for there
right here and now.



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