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RE: Incedental Gut bacteria intake and diet switching (was RE: Willie Wonka and the New Papers)

--- Chris Glen <s370548@student.uq.edu.au> schrieb:

> I would be interested if anyone has a ref for this
> topic...interesting. It's
> probably in some well known book that's on my list
> of 'books to read because
> I already should have'.
> (I would imagine it would be (obviously) even easier
> for an omnivore to
> switch rapidly to more herbivorous diets

Generalized herbi(and grani)vorous, probably... there
is no real boundary but a broad field of opportunistic
feeders of defenseless food. (i.e. it may try to run
away but almost inevitably fail; it will not bite back

Strictly or strongly frugivorous seems to be another
thing. Someone might ask
Friths/Beehler/Diamond/Dumbacher... they have done a
lot of fieldwork and research on frugivorous (and
other) birds in Melanesia where trophic diversity is
extremely high.

All I know say is: they shit very differently... So at
least the *hindgut environment* would seem
significantly different.



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