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"Journey to 10,000 BC" on History (Channel)

There was a very interesting two hour "Journey to 10,000 PC" program  
yesterday on (The) History (Channel).  

"Journey to 10,000  BC"
Future showings:
Tuesday, April 01 08:00 AM, Tuesday, April 01 02:00 PM 

"Discover  the thrilling real story of life on earth in prehistoric times. 
Viewers will go  back in time to when early humans are just starting to inhabit 
North America and  huge climate fluctuations cause a mini-Ice Age. The saber 
tooth cat, the giant  ground sloth and the woolly mammoth are suddenly becoming 
extinct. How does man  survive? Travel to early archaeological sites in North 
America and watch as  scientists uncover fossilized bones, ancient homes and 
weapons of stone.  State-of-the-art green-screen computer animation re-creates 
the great mammoth  hunts of the time."

>From 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm EDT today on Discovery is a series of mammoth  
(literally) programs before "Walking With Dinosaurs".
"The Baby Mammoth"  
"A forensic investigation into the life and death of a newly discovered baby  
woolly mammoth."
After that is the series on "Raising the Mammoth".

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