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Easter fun for the dino-inclined

So here's a little slice of nostalgic americana fun for easter.

I hadn't seen these before, but in 1988 Topps released a series of bubblegum 
cards based on the style of "Mars Attacks!", but called "Dinosaurs Attack!". 
Some of these are pretty funny, especially the card backs. They're also pretty 
gory.. being aimed at 11 year old boys I would guess.. lets see, I was born in 
1977 so...

Story showing select cards and a really silly comic book frame of Triceratops 
smashing through a church:

All the cards and stickers, front and back (check out the baby-eating 
Parasaurolophus sticker):

They made me laugh. lots.

Denver Fowler

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Subject: Re: oldest and most complete plesiosaur fossil

Hello all,
does anyone knwo if a paper on *Shonisaurus sikanniensis* is available out 

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>> Does anyone know what is that 75-foot-long ichthyosaur?
> *Shonisaurus sikanniensis*.
> That is, under the assumption that 75 ft are 23 m. I haven't bothered to 
> check that. But Nicholls did participate in the description of that 
> species, and it's by far the biggest one known so far.

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