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RE: 2008 patched WWD - still not right?

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> Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the 'context' of the narrator's 
> statement in at least one instance of the revamped WWD, but 
> they seemed to be saying Liopleurodon was still number uno 
> ....... how can this be when for over a year THIS
>                  http://www.nhm.uio.no/pliosaurus/paddle_urib.jpg
> has been around?   Not to mention other undescribed finds 
> bigger than L. ferox?
> Did they mean at that particular time of the Jurassic, or .... ?

Oh, there were plenty of far worse narrator errors: "ichthyosaurs are a
group that contains crocodiles, dinosaurs, and lizards" (simply missing the
the phrase "part of" before "a group").

There were other things it might have been nice to change (North American
Iguanondon --> Dakotadon, perhaps).

And they did not use comments that contradicted what was on screen: I did
tape a discussion of feathered dromaeosaurs, but that didn't get in. Ah,

> Was nice to see them state ptero's were warm-blooded.

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