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Re: more henpecking on 2008-beta WWD

So was there a particular reason why 'polar allosaur' was dropped in favor of a more general 'carnosaur' in this version? Did they decide that it was more bipolar than polar?

:-D There happens to be no evidence that it's really *Allosaurus*, so, considering the fact that *A.* lived half a world away 30 million years earlier, they stopped calling it *A.*.

And why was Deinosuchus referred to as an alligator rather than a crocodilian?

It is more closely related to the alligatorids than to the crocodylids. Although it's of course still a crocodylian.

One of the most jarring changes is the dropping [or at least de-emphasizing] of the meteor hit
off Yucatan - was this a time constraint or is the K-T boundary no longer thought to be the finish line?

It's still thought to be the finish line. Unless you're in the Keller School of Stratigraphy, that is (and as far as I can tell, you shouldn't be).