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RE: more henpecking on 2008-beta WWD

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> Subject: more henpecking on 2008-beta WWD
> So was there a particular reason why 'polar allosaur' was 
> dropped in favor of a more general 'carnosaur' in this 
> version?  Did they decide that it was more bipolar than polar?


It is almost certainly NOT an allosaurid. (In fact, it may not be a
carnosaur, either, but that's what the animation is of...)

> And why was Deinosuchus referred to as an alligator rather 
> than a crocodilian?
> Just American bias?  Or is the snout more alli than croc in 
> current circles?

This is one that I encouraged (others may have independantly): Brochu has
demonstrated it is on the alligatorid rather than the crocodylid branch.

> One of the most jarring changes is the dropping [or at least 
> de-emphasizing] of the meteor hit off Yucatan - was this a 
> time constraint or is the K-T boundary no longer thought to 
> be the finish line? 

Time constaints. Also, for unknown reasons, they kept on saying that the
final sequences were 70 million years ago when that is a) too early for the
species shown and b) it is oh so extremely apparent that the episode takes
place during the final weeks before and up to the Chicxulub impact.

But at least they didn't call the meteors seen the night before the impact
"comets" (one of the less useful American "translations" in the first
Discovery Channel version: note that the first American [Avery Brooks
narration] version is not available for sale.)

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