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New dinosaur in Mexico lured mates with giant horns

This just came out...


New dinosaur in Mexico lured mates with giant horns

RINCON COLORADO, Mexico, March 24 (Reuters) -
Scientists have discovered a new species of
plant-eating dinosaur in Mexico whose large neck frill
and three giant horns helped it attract mates and
fight predators on a jungly beach 72 million years

Mexico's Coahuila desert -- now rocky and
cactus-filled -- was once covered by ocean where
dinosaurs of all kinds thrived along the coast and hid
from a giant relative of the fierce predator
Tyrannosaurus rex.

Paleontologists say they have found evidence of a new
species here related to the Triceratops, known to have
the largest head of any animal ever to have walked the

The new species is slightly smaller at around 23 feet
(7 meters) than most Triceratops, but its
three-foot-long (0.9 meter) horns were just as big.
Holes in its neck frill would also have set it apart.

The scientific name of the new dinosaur will not be
revealed until the end of the year, said Scott
Sampson, a curator from Utah Museum of Natural History
who helped make the discovery with Mexican

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Mark Pankowski