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Re: your first paleon book was: well darn

I don't remember the name of the book (which just
kills me). All I remember was that it had a red
background, was paperback (fairly sure), and had a
picture of a _Tyrannosaurus rex_ on it. The _T.rex_
had green scales on the top, and yellow scales on the
bottom. I think the scales were tubercular too (I
think, though I might be confusing it with a magazine
on dinosaurs that was released about a decade later). 

Anyway, I distinctly remember being about 4 years old
and having my mother read the book to me before bed.
That's when I got the paleo bug. I've had it ever

Sadly, I also distinctly remember bringing the book to
show and tell, when I entered kindergarten. My teacher
forgot to give it back to me, and I never saw the book


--- Jane P Davidson <jdhexen@unr.edu> wrote:

> Actually, I would be interested to hear from folks
> about what their first book on paleontology, for
> children or not, was.  As a matter of a little
> research, if you would like to share with me, you
> can write off list if you want.  Mine was R.C.
> Andrews'  All About Dinosaurs,   followed soon by C.
> L. Fenton's Life Long Ago.
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> > So the polar allosaur goes by the way of the "How
> & Why
> > Wonder Book of Dinosaurs" from the Sixties.  I'm
> shattered.
> >
> The How & Why Wonderbook of Dinosaurs was my first
> ever dinosaur book. My
> mom & grandma read to me from it.
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