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Re: your first paleo book was:

I don't remember what my first one was, but there were two early,
influential ones,

The one that got me interested in dinosaur art was Dinosaurs!: A
Drawing Book by Michael Emberley. It does a great job of showing kids
how to break down figures into simple geometric shapes -- something
important for any visual artist. A while ago one of my old libraries
in Maryland was selling a bunch of their older books -- including that
one. I snapped it up, as it might be the very same book I borrowed as
a kid.

The one that got me interested in the science was A Field Guide to
Dinosaurs by David Lambert. It's dated by now, but at the time it
really impressed upon me just how many types of (non-avialan) dinosaur
there were, beyond the half-dozen familiar ones that everyone knows.

The first one I bought with my own (allowance) money was The
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs by David Norman. I still have it
(although the cover broke off). The text has aged pretty well, since
it takes a historical approach to the science. And Sibbick's
illustrations are still gorgeous, of course.

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