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Re: your first paleon book was

Mine was the Little Golden Book of Dinosaurs (late-70's or earliest '80s edition). My parents gave in to my request to read it to me (repeatedly...apparently till they pretty much couldn't stand it) as well as a remarkably tolerant and now sadly deceased friend of our family who treated us as grandchildren.

I remember being amazed at how vividly life-like the illustrations where (in retrospect somewhat amusing), and spent countess hours looking at them wondering how scientist-magicians could figure out how these things looked so long after they died.

I guess I never really got over that fascination.


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Actually, I would be interested to hear from folks about what their first book
on paleontology, for children or not, was. As a matter of a little research, if
you would like to share with me, you can write off list if you want. Mine was
R.C. Andrews' All About Dinosaurs, followed soon by C. L. Fenton's Life Long

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So the polar allosaur goes by the way of the "How & Why
Wonder Book of Dinosaurs" from the Sixties.  I'm shattered.

The How & Why Wonderbook of Dinosaurs was my first ever dinosaur book. My
mom & grandma read to me from it.

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