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RE: Cretaceous feathers

--- Ken.Carpenter@dmns.org schrieb:

> Can someone out there jog my memory about feathers
> found in the Upper
> Cretaceous of North America? Seems that I vaguely
> recall a paper on it,
> but can't remember the author(s) or state.
> Thanks,
> Ken

_Parahesperornis alexi_
"S. W. Williston (1898)  wrote "A specimen now in the
University Museum, collected by Mr. H. T. Martin
recently [1894, Graham County], is remarkable in
showing the scuta of the tarso-metatarsal region,
together with the feathers. A photographic
reproduction of this part of the specimen is shown in
Plate VIII. I have sketched in the tarso-metatarsal
bone, to show it's position. Indications of feathers
are also seen on the back portion of the head, and
everywhere they appear to be more plumulaceous than
the ordinary type of feathers." (Williston, S. W.,
1898. Birds. The University Geological Survey of
Kansas, Part 2, 4:43-53, pls.5-8. )"



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