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Aetogate revisited

I realize that the SVP ethics committee may still weigh in on
allegations against past and present employees of the New Mexico
Museum of Natural History and Science, but as I stated on VRTPaleo
earlier this month, the "investigations" by the individuals supposed to
provide oversight of the museum have been woefully inadequate.  And I
think more needs to be done by them in order to ensure fairness to all
parties concerned.  As things stand, the "investigations" have all
been undertaken by people with strong predispositions and/or vested
interests, and so it is not surprising that these "investigations"
have cleared NMMNH&S employees of any wrong doing.  To an outside
observer, these clearances look like little else than heavy-handed
attempts to make the accusations go away irrespective of how
well-founded the accusations might be.

I'm now trying to shake the root of the tree.  I don't expect to be
able to budge the tree on my own, so I'm hoping that others will help.
I urge all of you to stand up for justice by writing to the Governor
of New Mexico and asking that someone besides Stuart Ashman be placed
in charge of an investigation that won't be blown away by the
slightest smell test.  If you've spent the past year under overburden,
you can find information about all of this here:


which will soon have a link to my current take on the situation:



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Mickey P. Rowe     (mrowe@lifesci.ucsb.edu)