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Re: "Land of the Lost" movie

This movie is long over do; I've been churning a movie
in my mind for years. I'm rooting for em to make a
good movie and this is not an attack on Will Ferrel
but the chances that this will be butchered, comedy or
not, is about 75%. 

Just my opinion, I have many.

Drew S.

PS. My cousin is going to make me go see 10,000 BC
tomorrow. It's his Birthday and thus I can't say no.
And I'll have to pay for it. I may be entering the
darkest level of hell. 

--- "Richard W. Travsky" <rtravsky@uwyo.edu> wrote:

> Didn't know this was in production
> Heres your first look at Will Ferrell in the big
> screen adaptation of Land 
> of the Lost. Ferrell plays Park Ranger Rick Marshall
> who, along with his 
> two children, inadvertently stumble into a
> mysterious land populated by 
> dinosaurs and other creatures, including the
> mysterious and dangerous race 
> of Sleestaks. From the pictures, it looks like the
> theme of the movie will 
> be more slapstick silly than serious.

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