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RE: "Land of the Lost" movie

And Walter Koenig, aka Chekhov, was responsible for an episode...!
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> I loved Land of the Lost as a kid.  I could still sing you 
> the theme song!  It is the reason my mom and dad upgraded to 
> 'cable' tv.  I have the first season on DVD.  The worst thing 
> about it is listening the Holly whine her dialog at ear 
> splitting levels.  Some of the concepts and writing are not 
> that bad, which was surprising to me!  A bunch of ex Star 
> Trek writers ( David Niven too I think) 

Larry Niven, writer of Ringworld. (David Niven is the distinguished British
actor with the mustache...)

Also, David Gerrold (writer of "The Trouble with Tribbles" episode of the
original Star Trek, as well as much else beyond) was the story editor.

> jumped onto the show.

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