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ptnorton writes:
 > > To be honest, mind you, I don't think velociraptors would be
 > > particularly dangerous to humans. Things like Utahraptor and
 > > Achillobator would be worth worrying about, but I doubt a
 > > velociraptor is going to be any more dangerous than, say, a
 > > coyote.
 > A single coyote is one thing, a pack of them is another. I suspect
 > this would also hold for velociraptors, if they were pack
 > animals. Even though the individuals of both taxa are relatively
 > small compared to us, human sized (or larger) potential prey would
 > be wise to take a pack of either of them seriously.

Also don't forget that while a coyote attacks basically just with its
jaws, a Velocirator (like a cat) has jaws, clawed forelimbs and very
clawed hindlibs.  When you think of the damage that even a house-cat
can do when it's angry, I really don't think you'd want to mess with a
Velociraptor, even a lone one.

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