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Aetogate: formal rejection of DCA inquiry

With apologies to those of you who are so bored of this that you just
want us to shut up -- and with some hope that isn't all of you -- I'd
like to draw your attention to the formal letter that Bill, Jeff, Matt
and I have just sent to the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs
rejecting their findings of their recent Aetogate inquiry:

Along with this, we sent a detailed technical rebuttal:
although this will not contain much that is new to those who have been
following this.

For those of you who, like us, still think this is important enough to
be worth pursuing, we invite you to consider what action might be
taken could lead to the state convening an actual inquiry -- you know,
with indendent experts and objectivity and all that kind of thing.  As
always, making progress against a large bureaucracy is an uphill
struggle, and we greatly appreciate the efforts of those of you who
have contributed.

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