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RE: Aetogate: formal rejection of DCA inquiry

Ken.Carpenter@dmns.org writes:
 > > With apologies to those of you who are so bored of this that you
 > > just want us to shut up -- and with some hope that isn't all of
 > > you -- I'd like to draw your attention to the formal letter that
 > > Bill, Jeff, Matt and I have just sent to the New Mexico
 > > Department of Cultural Affairs rejecting their findings of their
 > > recent Aetogate inquiry:
 > >    http://www.miketaylor.org.uk/dino/nm/DCA-inquiry-response.pdf
 > I am curious to know why Mike Taylor, who lives in England and goes
 > to school there, is getting himself so personally involved in this
 > business with Lucas, who lives and works here in the States. I have
 > asked Mike before but have gotten no reply. What is Mike's motive?

Hi, Ken, thanks for getting in touch.  I'm surprised you've forgotten
my reply, which I sent at the beginning of the month: here it is.

        Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 22:51:41 +0000
        From: Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com>
        To: <Ken.Carpenter@dmns.org>
        Subject: RE: Aetogate: Lucas pronounced innocent

        Ken.Carpenter@dmns.org writes:
         > Mike,
         > Why are you so fixated with this Lucas business?

        Hi, Ken.  Why do you think?

        One of those who has suffered under Lucas is Jeff Martz.  He
        tells me that, as a young student, he was inculcated with a
        strong sense of what is and isn't ethical in science, that his
        supervisor left him with a healthy horror of plagiarism and
        also, perhaps coincidentally, with a degree of mistrust
        towards certain individuals.  I believe that ethically
        tuned-in supervisor was someone by the name of Carpenter.  I
        wonder what happened to him?

Have you never done anything just because it was the right thing to

Anyway, I have to admit you've got me stumped here.  You seem to be
implying that I have some kind of ulterior motive, but I can't for the
life of me figure out what it could be.  Unless you think I am in the
pay of the well-known and lavishly funded Secret Conspiracy Of
Graduate Students?  Please enlighten me.

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