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On 29-Mar-08, at 1:19 PM, Jamie Stearns wrote:
To be honest, mind you, I don't think velociraptors would be particularly dangerous to humans. Things like Utahraptor and Achillobator would be worth worrying about, but I doubt a velociraptor is going to be any more dangerous than, say, a coyote.

Well you can be the one standing there saying, "Relax. It's only as dangerous as a coyote" while I get a headstartin the other direction. Coyotes are sneaky& cunning when they choose to strike, and we can't infer behavior on a Velociraptor from it. I have, however saw wild turkeys, ducks & geese aggressively attack humans. Mind you, these are all SMALLER than Velociraptor & assumedly better behavioral analogies. Matter of fact, I'VE been bitten by a duck before and the addition of recurved teeth in those jaws, claws on it's hands and a carnivorous disposition would score way higher than a coyote on MY danger meter.