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And what is your take on the behavioral implications
of serrated teeth?


--- Jamie Stearns <stearns5@cox.net> wrote:

> The key phrase here, of course, is "when they choose
> to strike". Most 
> animals of Velociraptor's size aren't usually
> considered serious threats to 
> humans, as they tend to avoid people rather than
> attack them. Of course, if 
> one is dumb enough to try and pick it up or
> something, bad things would 
> happen, but I don't see why velociraptors would
> attack humans on sight any 
> more than modern carnivore of their size would.
> As for the idea that several velociraptors attacking
> at once, there really 
> isn't much evidence for pack hunting in Velociraptor
> that I can see. While 
> the idea is plausible for Deinonychus, trying to
> infer one animal's social 
> behavior from that of a relative that lived 20
> million years earlier on 
> another continent strikes me as problematic.