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Re: _Odontochelys semitestacea_ comes out of its shell

How fascinating that we see this fossil so soon after _Chinlechelys tenertesta_ (Joyce et al. in press, Proc. R. Soc. B), which was described as supporting the osteoderm theory!

It's out? ...

<crickets chirping>

... Oh. Google says it was all over the blogosphere in the beginning of October, except for the two blogs I read regularly. Shame on me. Pulverized coprolites over my head. <slowly sinks through floor, complete with chair>

I wonder how each group of researchers will interpret the other's discovery.

Well, how? The celebrity deathmatch will simply go into the next round. :-| And I will add both to my developing matrix*. Bloodbath, here I come!!!11!!!1!!!11!1!

* Though certainly not this year anymore -- I'm fully occupied with eliminating the duplicate and quintuplicate characters from the different sources it contains, and when that is done, I'll add two or three more published matrices, at least.