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The mistaken scansoripterygid


I have now had it confirmed that the posting by Zhang et al. to Nature
Precedings was a mistake. They THOUGHT they were submitting their manuscript
electronically to the main Nature site, for purpose of ordinary peer review.
Instead, they accidentally submitted it to a site where it was made
publically available.

So, the name is utterly invalid: this is the equivalent of someone
accidentally leaving a not-yet-published name on an SVP slide instead of
changing it to the specimen number or "new taxon" or the like. Indeed I am
going to strongly suggest to the authors that they change the actual name

Wiki-folk: please now use your power for good, and indicate on Wikipedia
that this was not a formally named taxon and that the data in the paper is
preliminary and pre-peer-reviewed.

Also, please note the following from Nature Preceding's FAQ page
"Since documents on Nature Precedings are not peer-reviewed, they should not
be represented in citations or elsewhere as being peer-reviewed. It is a
violation of our terms of service to represent non-peer-reviewed documents
on Nature Precedings as peer-reviewed for personal gain. When a document on
Precedings has later been published in a peer-reviewed journal, we recommend
that you cite the authoritative journal article instead. In many cases, a
link to the journal article can be found at the bottom of the document info

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