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Re: weird jurassic dinobird with very weird feathers

> <The... manuscript says it's only subadult, though,
> because the ends of  various limb bones are poorly
> ossified.>
>   This may merely be the argument because the authors have
> assumed that the specimen belongs to a "bird"-like
> animal, and therefore the tarsals are assumed to be fused to
> one another/other limb bones and an adult. This is an
> impression that is leading enough. The vertebrae do appear
> to have closed neurocentral sutures, and that's pretty
> telling.

How do possible ontogenetic differences compare to the situation in the Archie 
specimens? In particular, does Epi parallel BSP 1999 Solnhofen, and the other 
two taxa one of the smaller (e.g. JM 2257 Eichstätt or WDC CSG 100 Thermopolis)?

(If nobody knows it, it might be worth checking out. Before this specimen, 
there was nothing to compare here.)