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Re: Birds have "thumb" genes like alligators: free pdf

David, not only are you using highly modified manus and digit reduction here, including a functionally monodactylous manus,

Not a lot more modified than any bird wing.

but you are also usin adult conditions.

Not for the alligator, where I used the paper's own photos of embryos.

(And incidentally, there is no polydactylous temnospondyl. Not even a prepollex has ever been reported, despite the common occurrence of ossified prepollices and -halluces in frogs and salamanders.)

I am not going to take issue with Vargas et al. because my understanding of the literature is based on what has been done on mice, this gator, and birds. I have yet to see a comprehensive study on development in comparison across "clades".

I don't think any has been done.

Perhaps you can create a PloSone account and comment there?

It's not that common that PLoS ONE has an article that I find interesting, so it would almost amount to creating an account for a single comment.