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Argentina's legislation on paleo resources (was: More Montana Monkey Business)

The  Great Falls Tribune article said, referring to the policies in different 
countries about preservation of the fossil resources:

Other countries such as Argentina are more of a free market, with dinosaur 
hunters and nonprofits battling in court to claim valuable finds. unquote.

Actually, Argentina has passed on 2003 the National Law Nbr. 25743,  titled 
arqueological and paleontological patrimony" which establishes in its articles 
9 and 10 that the Arqueo and Paleo resources belong to the State and the 
materials collected by authorization or confiscation will become property of 
the State, designing the organisms in charge of the protection, exhibicion and 
recirding of such materials.

This Law has been reglamented by National Decree Nbr. 1002/04, which designates 
the Nacional Museum of Natural History "Bernardino Rivadavia", of Buenos Aires, 
as competente in matters Paleontological, with the task of recording 
discoveries and infractions to this Law

Anyway, there are several paleontologists (including some belonging to the B. 
Rivadavia Museum) in this list that can expand on the current situation and  
implementation of this legislation. I'm only a layman with a love for dinosaurs.

In case someone is interested, I have both full texts with refs.  (in spanish, 
sorry, too long and technical for me to translate).
Best regards

Luis Oscar Romero